We offer comprehensive advice for your company, designed as projects of varying duration. We answer questions like “How do I deal with digital media?” or “What does it take to be successful in the digital age?”.

During the consultancy process, we often take a look at the digital media presence of your competitors to get a good feeling of where your industry is going to explore future possibilities. Together we strive to be a notch above your competitors!

In a world of global networks, public relations is facing new challenges. The goal is to spread messages as fast as possible. The live stream of your press conferences enables you to do so. Many journalists work under tight deadlines and therefore struggle to attend every press conference. That is why we are getting your message to them – on their devices.

In order to reach all target groups in the best possible way, our unique data center infrastructure also allows us to record every event and make it available as video on demand – anywhere and at any time.

Investor relations are a very delicate aspect of PR. Especially for listed companies, quarterly and annual reports have to be presented to shareholders regularly. This increases your transparency and trustworthiness in a sustainable way and improves your image in the market. Try our digital media services to spread the word.

To inform just a selected group of people, choose our live stream ticket feature to narrow down the choice. No problem! With our Live Stream Ticket feature, you can control access to a precisely defined user group. Only one ticket can be redeemed per user. Global password protection is an alternate solution to restrict access to your videos.

Financial services, equity moves, and other financial market products are ideal for illustration via video. Our services help to keep clients in the loop and gain new business.

Like for investor relations, sensitive information can be made available only to specific groups with a ticketing or password system.

Digital media services give you the opportunity to relay your message to a global public. Instead of wasting money and time on the additional costs of travel incurred for conferences, book our services and make additional money by selling a live-stream ticket.

Set a price that suits your clients. Due to our state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that only the holder of the ticket has access to the stream. Smaller conferences with a low budget are offered a platform to handle the payment and issue the tickets. If you already operate a ticketing shop, our systems can join forces and provide just the services adapted to your needs. Of course, the conference stream can be password-protected as well.

Transmissions in the medical field differ from our usual business contacts: Working in a closed, sterile room requires precise preparations and alternate work flows to ensure that our team is not preventing surgeons and medical staff from carrying out their operational procedures. Our streaming service is ideally suited for sharing and acquiring medical knowledge, be it to students or employees.

E-learning, or conveying educational content, is one of our most widely used services. Schools, institutes, universities or firms can earn money by providing educational material. Our streaming services also offer a practical solution for internal trainings. They are not to be confused with webinars, but they are a „one-to-many application“ saving you from investing in expensive software as it is conducted with our network.

Our customers can use live stream recordings to make the content available as Video on Demand shortly after the live broadcast is complete. Make money with your content with our secure ticketing system or choose a password protection for your videos.

Broadcasting entertainment offers were at the beginning of all streaming services. The technology was only developed through its application in the entertainment industry for the masses. and to earn money disseminating the recordings of your live show. Recording a live show and recording it as Video on Demand gives you the opportunity to earn extra money with our live stream ticketing system.

Streaming political discussions offers two advantages: Making politics more transparent and making it accessible for all citizens. We are putting together effective PR packages for governments on all levels, associations, and public organizations.

You consider yourself an Internet or hosting service provider and are looking for a professional and solid streaming service for your clients – without setting up an expensive server network all over the globe? We provide the technological means to enable you to earn money with streaming services.