RTCnow offers live streaming for successful corporate communications.

Live streaming is a powerful, professional, and cost-efficient technology for reaching your target audiences all around the globe. Whether you are calling a press conference, a stockholders’ meeting, a showcase or want to provide e-learning: live-streaming is the digital vehicle to get the word out to your target audience.

Our own technical infrastructure for enhanced viewer experience

By operating our own network in Europe, the US, and Asia, we are able to guarantee global reach and optimized video experience for your target groups. Currently, we are preparing further “points of presence”.

How does live streaming work?

The HD signal sent from the camera or the vision mixer is connected to a computer that processes and digitalizes the video footage. More precisely, the HDMI or HD-SDI signals are converted into a data stream. The HD video signal is converted to an Internet stream via streaming software and sent to the closest streaming server. This server processes it in order to make the stream available on all devices in high quality: smartphones, tablets, PCs or smart TV devices.

How does the customer get the stream?

Customers receive an embedding code, which they can easily integrate into their own website. They can also use it for their own YouTube or Facebook channels. Now your target audience can watch it via your channels all across the globe. In addition, you can provide video on demand by using our live stream recording offer – shortly after the event itself.